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RENAC-OASIS Solar Academy Egypt (ROSAE) is a partnership between the Renewables Academy (RENAC) and Oasis Renewable Energy (ORE).
ROSAE provides training courses and capacity building services and aims at developing the capacities of the solar industry in Egypt.
The courses are designed for engineers, installers, investors and other professionals with an interest in solar electricity (off-grid and grid-tied) and solar thermal energy.
RENAC, based in Berlin, Germany, is one of the leading international training providers for renewable energy and energy efficiency for technicians, engineers, decision makers, investors and developers. Since its founding in January 2008, over 3,000 participants from more than 134 countries worldwide have benefited from RENAC’s expertise in the technology, financing, management and market development of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
ORE, based in Cairo, was founded in 2010, comprising the expertise of energy professionals and engineering professors operating in the renewable energy field. ORE provides education and training in the field of renewable energy, covering themes for decision makers, consultants, engineers, installers, technicians, undergraduates and schools..
Solar electricity from photovoltaic (PV) is generated in PV cells by converting sunlight into electrical energy. It is an environmentally friendly technology that is able to provide electricity in remote areas (off-grid) or to feed electricity into the grid (gridtied). Thus, PV installations reduce energy bills, diminish the dependence on fossil fuels and generate revenues by selling solar electricity. Applications range from small-scale systems supplying basic electricity demands in residential houses to large-scale  grid connected systems.

1. Overview of Photovoltaics

This training course introduces the fundamental aspects of photovoltaic (PV) systems covering off-grid and grid-tied concepts as well as the different technologies available on the market. The course categorises PV applications and explains components of PV systems. Upon completion, participants are able to illustrate the basics of system design and list the tasks of PV project management. Our experts also discuss cost structures, revenues and financing of PV plants and perform an interactive economic assessment workshop to analyse PV projects. Suitable for: Professionals interested in the fundamentals of photovoltaic (PV) systems, investors and members of public institutions.
Duration: 2 days

2. Photovoltaic System Installer

This workshop enables technicians to install and maintain PV systems. Starting with fundamentals of PV, the introductory day also covers safety issues and good working practices. During the first practical session, participants perform site assessments, and test PV modules and PV strings. The advanced practical sessions demonstrate wiring, testing and commissioning of systems. The course points out various system concepts and their applications. Off-grid system courses focus on inverters and batteries, and discuss practical aspects of installation and trouble-shooting. Grid-tied courses focus on installation, operation and maintenance of grid-tied PV systems. The installer course covers design, components and configurations of systems, as well as monitoring. Additionally, participants learn to detect faults and carry out maintenance operations. Suitable for: Site managers, technicians and system operators.
Duration: 3 days for the off-grid PV course, 3 days for the  grid-tied PV course

3. Photovoltaic Engineer

This course covers design, engineering, and installation aspects of grid-tied and/or off-grid PV systems. Upon completion, participants can explain the main aspects and key challenges of the technical implementation of PV projects. The course illustrates system components and configurations, PV applications and installation. Under guidance of our experts, participants design and simulate systems in design workshops and apply the sizing and designing skills gained during the course. Extensive practical sessions not only provide participants with confidence in utilising PV, but also give an in-depth insight into the specific issues that might arise during installation and commissioning, as well as operation and maintenance. The session on project management points out project phases and success factors, and discusses risks and their mitigation. Additionally, the course covers economic assessment and financing of PV plants Suitable for: Engineers, designers, technical sales, project managers and professionals with technical backgrounds.
Duration: 5 days

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