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RENAC-OASIS Solar Academy Egypt (ROSAE) is a partnership between the Renewables Academy (RENAC) and Oasis Renewable Energy (ORE).
ROSAE provides training courses and capacity building services and aims at developing the capacities of the solar industry in Egypt.
The courses are designed for engineers, installers, investors and other professionals with an interest in solar electricity (off-grid and grid-tied) and solar thermal energy.
RENAC, based in Berlin, Germany, is one of the leading international training providers for renewable energy and energy efficiency for technicians, engineers, decision makers, investors and developers. Since its founding in January 2008, over 3,000 participants from more than 134 countries worldwide have benefited from RENAC’s expertise in the technology, financing, management and market development of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
ORE, based in Cairo, was founded in 2010, comprising the expertise of energy professionals and engineering professors operating in the renewable energy field. ORE provides education and training in the field of renewable energy, covering themes for decision makers, consultants, engineers, installers, technicians, undergraduates and schools..
Solar thermal systems provide hot water as well as heat and cooling by converting the sun’s rays into thermal energy.Thus, it is an environmentally friendly technology that is able to reduce energy bills and provide energy independence from fossil fuels or the national grid. Applications range from small-scale solar water heaters for houses to large-scale collector arrays supplying hotel complexes or industries requiring process heat.
1. Solar Thermal Fundamentals

This workshop is ideal for professionals who want to get acquainted with solar thermal systems, or to know the basic technical background. Participants get an insight into the principles of the technology and the components, system configurations and design fundamentals A practical system demonstration shows the functionality of solar thermal systems. The applications of solar thermal are illustrated by case studies. The course also provides an overview of the energy market and solar resources in Egypt and explains the management and economics of solar thermal projects. Suitable for: Professionals interested in the fundamentals of solar thermal systems and members of public institutions
Duration: 2 days

2. Solar Thermal Installer

This workshop is ideal for site managers and technicians working in the installation, operation and maintenance of solar thermal systems. It is made up of a combination of lectures and extensive hands-on training. The workshop discusses components and configurations of systems as well as basics of system design. Participants learn how to commission systems, detect faults and successfully carry out operation and maintenance tasks. The hands-on sessions are complemented with safety issues as well as practical aspects of system installation and operation. The course touches on economics of solar thermal systems; an aspect that is needed for technical pre-sales. Suitable for: Technicians, site managers, system operators and technical pre-sales staff
Duration: 3 days

3. Solar Thermal Engineer

This practical workshop covers design, installation, operation and maintenance of solar thermal systems in depth.Participants learn about system components and system configurations. The course offers an insight into the different stages of the design process: from planning, installation and commissioning, to operation and maintenance. Our experts describe sizing methodologies for system components – skills participants apply during a full-day sizing workshop, which starts with determination of demand and ends with an economic assessment of the solar thermal systems designed by participantsTheory is accompanied by practical exercises and case studies from real projects in order for the participants to learn the multiple applications of the technology. Additionally, the training covers project management, economics and financing. Thanks to this practical approach and the hands-on training, participants gain the skills to design a system by themselves. Suitable for: Engineers, designers and professionals with a technical background
Duration: 5 days

4. Solar Thermal Investor

The first day of this workshop is similar to the Solar Thermal Fundamentals course. In addition, the investor course has a stronger focus on economics, financing, project management, quality control, economics, financing and payback times. In addition, on the second day the course illustrates standards and certificates for collectors and systems, and enables participants to assess system layouts by covering the fundamentals of system design and viewing an extended solar thermal system demonstration. Suitable for: Investors, financers, bankers, and decision makers.
Duration: 2days

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