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Oasis Community Club
Oasis Community Club is an Ecological initiative launched to provide a physical and mental Oasis for like-minded people, with a 10,000square meter venue, at 6th October city, OCC provides:
activity center for kids and parents, where we deliver craft activities like Pottery, Art and Craft, Model Airplanes, Solar energy for kids, Farming, Animal petting, etc.
Camp area, where we deliver standard camping activities, as well as character building camps (Carpe Vitam, CISV, etc.)
Play grounds (football, volleyball, swimming pool, etc..),
Quasi-passive green house, built using Hassan Fathi method, as the hub for corporate retreats, and conferences (Retreat of Nahdet Mahrousa, Retreat of Image marble company, etc.).
OCC is geared towards:
Carbon offsetting using agricultural methods,
Training of youth on agriculture, (cultivate your own salad, ..
Resisting the distinction of endangered agriculture specicy, and Engyptian plantation (tree nureser initative, the 1001 trees initative, etc..)
Open tour for zero-Energy building (AlKhan).
Open tour for historic agriculture tools( Shadouf, Me7rat, etc..)
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Contact Information

1, Babel Sq. off Mosadak Road,
Giza, Dokki.

Tel: +202 3338 17 28
Fax: +202 376 23 707
Handy: +201222143944
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