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Oasis for Renewable Energy Consulting and Research will be the regional technology and the market leader in the field of renewable energy solutions, carbon emission reduction, and envi-ronmental solutions.
OASIS Renewable Energy ORE is a subsidiary of the Arab Consultancy Office, an Engineering, Procurement, and Contracting company EPC with regional engineering expertise synergizing expertise, is one of the leading consulting firms in Egypt, with 20 years of experience in the areas of Renewable Energy, EPC, Project Development, as well as Research and Development. ORE in consortium with international partners is a provider of consulting, engineering and technical services, procurement of Renewable Energy projects ranging from solar water heating, small wind, mini PV solutions, hybrid solutions, as well as on-grid PV installations.
ORE was established 2010, building on the engineering capacities of its mother company, and renewable energy expertise of its staff who have pertinent cumulative knowledge while serving for the industry and equally for training and research entities.
As for training, ORE possess one of the most diversified training units, addressing hands-on training on design, installation, and trouble shooting of Solar application, i.e. solar heating, and PV, and Green buildings, as well as RE-agriculture applications.
With international clients, both in the private and public sectors, today, OASIS operates worldwide from its office in Cairo offering consultancy and engineering services to clients in over 10 countries.
ORE enjoys a deep experience in developing, building and maintaining small-scale renewable energy installations.
ORE’s team consists of commercial and technical professionals with proven skills in project development, financial control and asset management. We support projects from initial scoping and authorization through to installation and long term maintenance; in short, a genuine turnkey service.
All our projects to date have fulfilled the performance pledges made by ORE to customers and investors, especially in terms of electrical technical production and, therefore, return on investment.
We encourage the use of solar energy as we believe passionately in renewable energy technologies as a key solution to global warming, ORE and its delivery partners maintain a realistic commercial outlook, focusing on maximum profitability for our customers and investors.
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