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Renewable Energy Development Services
Site Scouting for Project Development
Featuring a map to show global capacity based on technology and status of operation enabling users to identify gaps in development.
Provision of Technical services
ORE offers a wide range of technical services that include Utility-size Wind, Small Wind, PV, Solar water heating and energy effi¬ciency.
Research, Development and Training
ORE has established memorandum of understanding with some of the renowned engineering schools and programs in Egypt. Results of collaborative with academic entities include the development of a wind turbine prototype for agriculture application, as well as the registration of multiple tentative patents in the field of House Energy Management Systems. ORE possess one of the most diversified training units, addressing hands-on training in design, installation, and trouble shooting of Solar application (i.e. solar heating, and PV, and Green buildings, as well as RE-agriculture applications).
Research the Market and Identify Opportunities
Scan the market search through Request for Proposals by technol¬ogy, region, role, capacity.
Project Development
Progressive international policy has led to an environment that is stimulating growth for project development in the renewable and clean-tech sectors. The process for developing renewable energy projects can be challenging, which makes the need to access powerful and insightful information even greater. ORE is focused on helping small and utility-scale developers in their research efforts in site selection, equipment procurement, permits.
Engineering Procurement and Contracting
ORE in consortium with international partners is a provider of con¬sulting, engineering and technical services, procurement of renew¬able energy projects ranging from solar water heating, small wind, mini PV solutions, hybrid solutions as well as on-grid Photovoltaic (PV) installations.
Energy sector-general experience
The Energy Department of OASIS has been offering integrated services related to energy projects preparation and development, from 2000 and has since then implemented over 15 projects. OASIS has a track record on sustainable energy development including projects appraisal, feasibility studies, energy policy advice, institutional development and training. Specific areas of expertise include:
Experience in Energy Efficiency
OASIS has implemented numerous assignments related to energy efficiency for buildings and industries, energy audits including assessment of energy efficiency measures, energy monitoring, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and projects appraisal. In addition OASIS has customised and delivered specialised training courses for engineers and energy managers focusing exclusively on energy efficiency and auditing.
OASIS offers the most advanced services in assessment, design, costing, supervision and management of all kinds of building and Infrastructure projects including:
Energy Audits
Technical Due diligence
Feasibility studies
Conceptual design, preliminary design
Design development and final design
Project budgeting
Construction supervision, quality control
Project management, programming
Operation and maintenance organization
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