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Research and development
As a knowledge-based company, ORE deeply believes in the added-value of research and development, particularly industry-related researches, and innovations to meet the local context.
ORE has lead and participated to various R&D projects, that were all self-financed, for the purpose of developing products that are suiting the local market, and when applicable addressing the Bottom-Of-Pyramid applications.
Within the local context, and to address the concept of Responsible and Inclusive Business, ORE managed to develop, prototype, and establish the technology sheets and production training curriculum of the 100$ Solar Water heater.
For the land reclamation projects, ORE has developed a 100$ wind turbine for lighting and low-consumption application, with 100% localization of parts, with a view to availing a product that is easily-maintainable, durable, and can withstand harsh environmental conditions (wide temperature variation, fine dust, etc..), with a simple installation, and operation procedure.
ORE has also successfully developed a Near-Zero-Energy-building, the prototype (AlKhan) is located at Oasis Community Center, it was build using earth materials – at the most, and using natural ventilation, and shading , and fenestration methods to ensure that no energy is consumed for HVAC, and that till sunset, not energy is used for lighting. AlKhan was replicated at various land-reclaimation sites at arid areas.
Within the International context, ORE developed a universal controller ,that is designed as a modulair xx for the control of indoor environmental conditions, for houses, homes, and agricultural green houses equally.
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