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Responsible and Inclusive Business
ORE is a Co-Founder of the GiSoor network for Responsible and inclusive Business,
GiSoor Network of Egypt
Business is all about WE and RIB is all about THEM… RIB is a call for all businesses to look outside their walls to help make the world a better place.
Being a business with a social responsibility should be the ideal solution for Egypt’s rebuilding process that is currently taking place if some changes in the how and what and when could be made in how those businesses will contribute.
Until the January 25th revolution social responsibility was regarded as a polishing tool and was mistakenly linked to socialism in its political sense. Today more and more companies are realizing that they need to be more engaged and participatory and to create models that could be passed along to other companies in their field. Lessons learned, techniques and models need to be formalized and shared with young businesses simply because social responsibility should regardless of the age of the company.
We at RIB are sure that social responsibility is viewed by the recipients either as a blessing or all the way to being a curse in disguise. A strong need to clarify the role of CSR in the minds of the givers and the takers is one of the main interests of RIB. Many more misconceptions exist with regard to CSR but we will not use the time and space of this idea sharing document to list, however we will keep them in the back of our minds while we move forward and try to draw what we hope to achieve with all of the CSR believers whom will join RIB.
As a corporate player, whether a manager or an owner, you hold within your power tons of tools and experiences that could be the magic wand for change. The challenges that face our nation are huge and many share as individuals in this process but the power of the whole corporation is unequalled. Many multinationals in Egypt contribute yet their expertise is not available for public access nor is enough feedback from the receiving end is available.
Keeping in mind this background, the idea of creating a vibrant bridge that will host a network for the exchange of expertise and knowledge was born (RIB). RIB is an alliance between socially conscious entrepreneurs operating in the field of renewable energy, NGO’s and CSO’s in Egypt. This network will act as a public discloser window to help the passage of expertise available in the hands of the big players to change the reality of the younger ones.
RIB will expand to include other socially-conscious businesses, businesses willing to engage in the responsible and inclusive business activities, as well as scholars, and media operatives. By September 2013, it is planning to show case a number of successful endeavors carried out by the network members, for the purpose of soliciting role-models for society in Egypt.
Some of the Key areas RIB will work in:
Environmental Responsibility: The use of renewable Energy and recycling.
Social Impact Activities: Collaborating with initiatives and activities that have a social impact and to fully get involved in supporting them by using corporate tools and corporate experts.
Inclusive Business: Encourage and support the creation of businesses serving the bottom of the pyramid.
Engage and Mentor: Share your experience, and help the creation of replicable models
Those are some of what we hope to achieve and when you join the Regional Hub for Responsible and Inclusive business you will be a key to shaping a collective approach for corporate citizenship in Egypt and Middle East.
Mechanism of GiSoor
Create a group of 6 to 5 strategic thinkers who will be the leaders in their sectors, leaders of corporate social responsibility actions and/or inclusive business and/or responsible business and/or economic change models. They had to have a successful model that they implemented even if it is in its basic format and that proved successful in at least one area of need in Egypt / Worldwide. Each leader will then work within he/his organization, utilizing their corporate skills to formulate this model into a functional kit to pass down to others in their field and be the leaders of the Show & Tell Activity.
The ultimate objective is to create a dynamic mechanism for the innovation, creation, and implementation of successful RIB, and availing the show case effects of the said experiences, while involving interested stakeholders, in a learning-by-doing exercise.
Each County shall have a focal point, responsible for the National Action Plan of the country. Each National group will meet at least once a month to follow-up the progress of the plan of action and to discuss memberships and other vital issues pertaining to the growth, effectiveness and sustainability of the hub. This meeting will be hosted in a rotating format among the members in their respective companies. Annually, the focal points will meet, on a rotary basis to review the overall plan of the hub.
The economic sustainability of this Hub is a natural since this will host all companies and corporate’s interested in making corporate social responsibility more effective and have a buy in improving society memberships and/or partial funding will be a natural.
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