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GiSoor Activities:
I. Tree Effect Activity
This Hub model will be built on the tree effect idea using the CSR/RIB capabilities of corporate interested in really effecting change. One model a time will lead a sector towards tackling different issues within a sector so that it can really make it a reality for the people, example people of Egypt. The chosen model has to have some track record of success and can be perfected within the hub, using the collective capabilities of all member corporations and then dispersed by the show and tell method.
The show and tell method is simple, a pass me down kit will be developed and the corporation with the successful model will lead the pass me down or training activities for others in its sector. It will show the model and tell the story and will sign in the interested entity to the hub to implement.
This passing down of the model with the quick pick up from other corporate will certainly make it easier to implement and create faster change. Many could attract NGO’s to be the model hosting entities while corporate volunteers will run the model.
The hosting NGO will become hosting members with a limited amount of membership privileges.
II. The Advisory Activity
Invite Companies to sustain an online and virtual advisory world to support small and medium enterprises to get their counseling needs with minimal hassle and fees. Those companies usually have very little money to spare into consulting activities which they terribly need to ensure that they are on the right path to growth and development. GiSoor will create an online world inhabited by corporate employees as part of their development and CSR role in society whereby they offer their expertise and the multitude of expertise that they have learned as part of their corporate to others who are in dire need of these expert opinions to sustain, develop and grow. This will be an international platform whereby an employee in any part of the world in a single corporation can devote a number of hours, days or months of his time to pay back to society at the convenience of his home, work and at a click of a keyboard. Giving back was never made easier. Schedules will be set and can be followed up by companies and can be evaluated and be an added value to both the company and the employee. GiSoor has built the bridges between the Middle East, Africa, Latin American and American to have advisors and beneficiaries access this platform easily and professionally from any of those places. The impact one donor of expert time can have is humongous and will never be a small deed from now on.
III. General Activities
Create new models of change collectively
Tap the corporate power to help social and economic sustainability while changing
Create strategic groups of thinkers to tackle challenges in different sectors one at a time
Serve as a power house of getting more companies regardless of size to change how CSR is used on the ground
Help create strategic plans of change to be implemented by companies, regardless of its size
Availing a dynamic database of RIB cases and models
Act as the national focal point for RIB activities.
The list will keep growing as our partners are, so do not delay and reach out and fill the membership form and become among the founders of this impactful network, join us and build GiSoor across the globe by your giving’s.
Benefits to Your Organization
GiSoor members enjoy a suite of benefits, notably in staff engagement and enhanced CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reporting opportunities. Further benefits include:
Staff engagement in cutting-edge environmental & social programs
Support on-ground projects in Egypt & developing nations
Gain peer leadership recognition for sustainability
Develop your organization's internal skills and capabilities
How to become a Member
Becoming a GiSoor member is as easy as completing the Membership Registration Form attached.
Involvement with GiSoor does not stop at the Membership level. If your organization has a specific focus or would like to be involved with GiSoor through events; pro-bono services; or tailored projects.
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